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When you look at the complexities of the current tax system there is little wonder companies don’t always know how to treat payments and expenses in the correct way.

Let’s take a simple example, a bouquet of flowers given to a member of staff. Is this straightforward? Surely there can be no tax due on this you might think – well you might be wrong. It depends!! If you send them because an employee has had a baby, no tax or national insurance is due but, if you send them to say thank you for a job well done they count as what HMRC call a benefit in kind and they become taxable.

Madness you may think – many would agree – but it is issues as small as this that can cause businesses to fall foul of the system. You are expected to know all of these rules and regulations but it is almost impossible to keep up and know everything.

That’s where we come in, no query is too small and no question silly, we are here to help you through the maze of PAYE, income tax and national insurance. Where else would you turn?

We have a diverse background, from working for the Inland Revenue to payroll managers within Blue Chip companies and we understand the issues facing Payroll Managers and Finance Departments today

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